Long-Term Equity Signals

This is for a long-term investment objective – it is Not an active trading program – entry with anticipation of holding the investment 18 to 24 months or, if the underlying stock hits the price target, or expiration – whichever comes first.

Goal is to make between 3 and 5 times the initial investment in the option expiration time frame.

Entries of a minimum of 1 per month

Account size can be whatever you think is best but understand if you take the minimum entry each month you would have 12 options in a year’s period.  You can also choose a different strike price or expiration month lessening or increasing your cost, it is strictly up to you what you decide to invest.  We are providing the research and presenting the potential opportunity.

Since this is for long-term opportunities there are No Free Trials

Subscription pricing is $297.00 per month

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